Securia Consulting

About Securia

Securia Consulting is service based company that offers Information Security consulting services in this Information Technology infested global village that is the world. It was incorporated in 2015 and officially started its operations in 2016. Our Services aim to give solutions and results to a diverse portfolio of clients.

Our Vision

It is our belief that businesses can operate in an optimum environment without having to worry about risks that arise from the use of Information and Related Technology.

Our Mission

Securia Consulting’s mission is to offer customized, value adding Information Security solutions at competitive pricing to Corporates, SMB’s, Individuals and Authorities, giving our Clients peace of mind in regard to inevitable attempted exploitation of risks in this field.
By providing innovative, high quality services, Securia Consulting seeks to generate a name in the Information Security consulting field globally.

Our Values

We operate in a straight-forward, reliable manner, offering the highest degree of dependability possible for our clients. We do not compromise our integrity. We live and work according to the highest ethical & professional standards and hold ourselves to this commitment.

Our Offer

We strive for excellence in all that we do, as we seek to build lasting relationships, exceed expectations, and drive positive change in Information Security for our clients.

We aim to be the leading company in the region for customized information security services in the modern business environment.

Our engagement approach demands effective communication. We first seek to understand and communicate clearly at every opportunity. We listen carefully, solicit counsel and feedback often, and commit ourselves to delivering actionable recommendations.

The Securia Consulting Edge

Continuously Improving

We are avid learners, bringing you current information as it changes, and constantly updating/upgrading our service offerings to meet the ever changing Information Security market needs.


We understand client activities are budgeted. We therefore help develop strategic engagements around measures with highest business impact and return on investment.


We bring simple, visual reporting and speak a business language that resonates with executives and directors; and technical lingo for the technical team.


We understand security issues are critical and need timely redress. We are dependable and committed to answering your urgent requests within one business day.


Our consultants are certified and bring a cumulative 10+ years of experience in key Information Security disciplines.


We work to deliver expertise and resources, providing the leadership values you deserve.


We apply our greatest asset, intelligence, to constantly innovate cost-effective solutions to your dynamic information security needs.

Our Objectives

These are summarized as follows
Provide customized as opposed to generic solutions to Clients’ Information Security risks.
Ensure value add to Clients in terms of managing and developing their Information Security Controls.
Strive for improvement of Client Information Security posture by giving appropriate recommendations to address assessment findings.